Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005

Right then friends, family, country men, we got a bunch of gigs coming up in the next few months so come out and support – we’ll tear it down for you where possible…


April 7th – Battle Cry @ The Red Rooms (Cardiff)
The Breaknecks & Mudmowth

April 29th – Funkdified @ Thekla (Bristol)
Ralph Rip Shit
(plus Mudmowth)

May 27th – Slam On The Breaks @ Monkey Bar (Swansea)
The Breaknecks ‘Music For Bachelors EP’ Launch Party / Mudmowth

June 3rd – Higher Learning @ The Toucan (Cardiff)
Mudmowth (plus Ralph Rip Shit)

June 24th – ABRI @ The Toucan (Cardiff)
Mudmowth (plus Ralph Rip Shit)

July 9th – TOAST @ 93 Feet East (London)

July 22nd – Wakestock Festival (Penrhos, Wales)
Mudmowth (plus Ralph Rip Shit)

July30th – Welsh Open B-Boy Championships @ Newport Arena (Newport)
Mudmowth/The Breaknecks

We are also just firming up a few others so keep your ear to street and eyes to this page for the latest as we ink’em in the schedule. Come see some good shit…


Thursday, March 17th, 2005

We’re bubbling properly at the moment. Red Rooms was killing it, Bristol was a success that ended in a full out mosh pit, and Slam On The Breaks are still cleaning up the carnage caused! Bring on the next run…

Talking of gigs – we’ve justed added Saturday 11th @ BSB Bar, Cardiff to the affair so come bring some energy and rowdiness to the shit.

You may have also seen Mud’s ugly grill donning the pages of the country’s press of late, with an interview in HHC as well as having ‘South Wales Gramma’ on the cover CD of UNDERCOVER and an interview up in that.

This week has also seen the return of the ‘MUSIC FOR BACHELORS’ EP from the pressing plant so it should be out to press and radio shortly and hitting the stores any minute – in the meanwhile if you wanna scoop your copy early just check out the STORE