NEWS: P.L.O. putting the finishing touches to his next SINGLE RELEASE ‘F*ckSpace&Lazers’

Sunday, September 9th, 2012
The finishing touches...

P.L.O. has been at work putting the finishing touches to his new track ‘F*ckspace&Lazers’ that will be out shortly. It’s Barry White making love to synths with an unhappy ending. It’s been re-tweaked to perfection and the finished thing is an absolute musical work of art.

Talking of which the cover is a crisp visual too. A collaboration between our own Mayor on art direction, the incredible talents of Alex Mills of Burning Red on the camera with the deathly gorgeous Masubi in perfect freeze frame.

We threw a sneaky candid shot from behind the scenes on the AM Instagram @AssociatedMinds a little while back and we’ll have a few more outtakes from the cover shoot up soon as well. So if you’re not already, you should follow us over there. You won’t want to miss them.

Trust us!

P.L.O. at work


Monday, December 29th, 2008

Getting our Christmas fun on for the 08 – we had a kite in the mail from the head honcho in charge, Mister Kosyne, over at? – All the real heads will know about the beatmaking night they been running up in Birmingham and every year to celebrate the birth of some dude called Christopher they run the annual ‘Wrapped Up’ beatmaking experiment. It’s Scotland v England v Wales in a producers round-robin-drum-fest. ?

Once the Christmas themed vinyl had been exchanged via the royal mail men, P.L.O. and Metabeats got busy in the lab. Check out the vids for the scoop and then send love the way of Koysne, Kelakovski, S-Type and Jaisu for all the heaters they produced to keep you warm this festive season.?

Check these links as well to download the final versions of the beats from Metabeats & P.L.O. for your own pleasure