Monday, May 20th, 2013
Blaktrix 'The Classics Series' Video Still 2
Blaktrix 'The Classics Series' Video Still 3

BTS shots from the ‘F*CKSPACE&LAZERS’ cover

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

These were just some of our personal faves with different vibes and charms from a shoot packed with so many winners.

Click the link below to see all the rest. Obviously it’s NSFW but god damn your boss would be proud if he/she caught you peepin’ because it’s so stone cold classy.

The 'on trend' tache


Saturday, February 16th, 2013
DJ Lok Mix Cover

The audio from the recent Ralph Rip Shit video for the ‘The Classics Series: Part 1′ has been used by Mysdiggi’s DJ and UK cornerstone, DJ Lok to end his new UK Mix Special. Click the cover image above to cop the free download featuring a whole heap of the scene’s finest.

0. Best You Ever Had?
1. Mystro – Mess I Ever Had
2. TY – Like You Never
3. Life MC – Ahead Of The Game ft Chester P & Ill Bill
4. Souleance – Sauce Samourai
5. Mark Fear ft Ramson Badbonez, Unk Artist & Putrid Pete – Hangman
6. Skreintax – Mine For The Taking ft Farma G, Verb T & Dj Skully
7. Skitz – Struggla ft Rodney P, Kardinal, Skibadee
8. Redbeard – Mic Check
9. Marv-ill Superlungs – Pure Skill (beatbox freestyle)
10. Ralph Rip Sh!t – Amsterdam ‘Classics’ freestyle

And if you’ve not checked it yet, here’s the video with Ralph rhyming live over P.L.O.’s classic remake the audio’s lifted from…


Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Some behind the scenes shots from the the recent video shoot for Metabeats’ new single, ‘Passport’ ft. Vanity Jay. The single itself will be out on full release on the 11th of Feb and will be accompanied by the Huw Caddy directed video that’s as funky as your grandpa’s socks and features a few choice cameos from the likes of Don Leisure (Darkhouse Fam) and P.L.O., Jessie Allen and a few more. Hold tight for the fun.

You can follow them on Twitter: @ChesusMetabeats // @P_Leezy // @DarkhouseFam

Click ‘Read More’ at the bottom to see more shots from the shoot…

Vanity Jay and Metabeats
Let that soul glow


P.L.O. ‘F*ckSpace&Lazers’ is out now…

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

After much wait P.L.O.’s ‘F*ckSpace&Lazers’ single is finally here.


P is one of the most talented producers we’ve ever met let alone had the pleasure of working with. He’s been a corner stone of the label diligently working away behinds the scenes to fuel numerous other artist’s development via any number of his talents. And for those that know, they’ll tell you, he’s truly talented.

But never one to stay in the box, he’s been working on numerous projects of his own featuring some hip-hop power-houses that cover the entire spectrum of the music and everything else out there too. ‘F*ckSpace&Lazers’ represents his debut solo single. A rich and ever evolving head nod ride, it crescendos into a second movement sounding like Barry White for the new beat generation, meets Bladerunner. We suggest you find a good system, turn it up loud and sink into the blissful ride.

It’s available on iTunes worldwide now. UK iTunes // US iTunes // Aus iTunes

You can follow P.L.O. on Twitter @P_Leezy


Friday, December 7th, 2012

We’re excited about this one. It’s the brandnew artwork to P.L.O.‘s new synth driven power ballad, ‘F*ckSpace&Lazers’. It’s a trip. An evolving concerto for all the lovers and the music lovers out there.


The cover features the ever beautiful form of Masubi and was captured by photographer Alex Mills. After working with Alex since the label’s inception, the cover represents the first of a mini-series of collaborative projects between AssociatedMinds and the pairing.

You can see more photography from Mr. Mills at and more of the gorgeous Masubi at

Mountain Bikes, Morocco & Music

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Our friends over at Eyes Down Films have just finished off an incredible series of Mojo Trail Diaries. Filmed in the Atlas mountains of Morocco and featuring the multiple world downhill champion, Fabien Barel, they are all packed with incredible landscapes and well worth watching.

‘Part 2′ of the series (above) features music from P.L.O. around the 1.40 mark of the film, as well as a special ‘Behind The Scenes’ film being entirely soundtracked by Ralph Rip Shit & Lemonface‘s ‘Basketcase’ instrumental.

Click here for Part 1
Click here for Part 2
Click here for Part 3
Click here for Behind The Scenes

For more from Eyes Down Films checkout

NEWS: P.L.O. putting the finishing touches to his next SINGLE RELEASE ‘F*ckSpace&Lazers’

Sunday, September 9th, 2012
The finishing touches...

P.L.O. has been at work putting the finishing touches to his new track ‘F*ckspace&Lazers’ that will be out shortly. It’s Barry White making love to synths with an unhappy ending. It’s been re-tweaked to perfection and the finished thing is an absolute musical work of art.

Talking of which the cover is a crisp visual too. A collaboration between our own Mayor on art direction, the incredible talents of Alex Mills of Burning Red on the camera with the deathly gorgeous Masubi in perfect freeze frame.

We threw a sneaky candid shot from behind the scenes on the AM Instagram @AssociatedMinds a little while back and we’ll have a few more outtakes from the cover shoot up soon as well. So if you’re not already, you should follow us over there. You won’t want to miss them.

Trust us!

P.L.O. at work


Monday, June 25th, 2012

We’re proud to present you the kind of material that satisfies us as a record label and as fans. Sounding like he’s busting out his best bars obscured in a cloud of smoke, unique and original emcee Ralph Rip Shit features on P.L.O.’s serious banger and new single Hold That, taking you deeper into P’s sonic landscapes. Is this Ralph’s finest moment? Sounds like he caught the holy ghost and married some certified horror film hip-hop.

You can cop the track from iTunes HERE NOW.

“This is what it feel like.”

Coming Soon Part 1: P.L.O. – SEBANGAU

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

The cover to the soon to be out P.L.O. produced hip-hop instrumental ‘Sebangau’ named after the village that inspired it.

Mudmowth has been living in Indonesia and Borneo for the last year or so and is working on a forthcoming EP to stamp mark it. He sent back a sample pack of Indonesian folk music for a few select producers to get busy with.

P.L.O. is just putting the finishing touches to his offering for the EP.

The enchanting Sebangau has a raw energy and soul in both the place and the finished beat and we’re looking forward to putting the instrumental out there as well as looking forward to hearing what Mud does on it.

Original cover photography by Mudmowth
Colour treatment and design by Mayor


Sunday, September 18th, 2011

The new video for the title track taken from the collaborative EP we released with Eatgood Records which is available for free download over atThe Highball EP

Video was made by Huw Caddy & Mayor


Sunday, June 26th, 2011