No(w) Futur 5 MIX on

Thursday, September 26th, 2013
Now Futur

The new No(w) Futur mix from DJ SimSima & Mass is exclusively up on the OkayPlayer website now. Just like everyone in their series it features a ridiculously good selection of hip-hop and we’re nut bustingly happy that Metabeats & Ed Boogie are featured up on there with two tracks taken from the ‘Caviar Crackle’ LP.


Saturday, May 11th, 2013

This is straight up the nicest mix of hip-hop we’ve heard in a while. The Parisian based DJ Simsima & Mr. Mass are NO(w) FUTUR and their mix series features a real fresh selection of some of the latest hip-hop music out. To our ears it’s part of the new movement to return, partly, to what we all fell in love with hip-hop for in the first place. That rawness. But with that sprinkle of new style and edge. And RHYMING. It’s the return of the new boom bap. We feel it.

It’s been getting support up on Okay Player and features some of the finest stylist out, from Homeboy Sandman, Smoke Dza, Nottz Raw, Joey Bada$$, Bishop Lamont and Blu to new schoolers like our own Ralph Rip Shit & A.H.Fly with ‘Floater’.

We down for the FUTUR.