Mudmowth’s Jungle Tales

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Mudmowth has been living and travelling all over Indonesia for the past year or so, exploring it’s jungles and remotest islands. Along the way a lot of crazy and funny stuff has happened to him. We caught this snippet of him telling the story about watching a monkey mug a mate in the heart of the jungle. Enjoy…

Either click above to watch it or head to Youtube

Coming Soon Part 1: P.L.O. – SEBANGAU

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

The cover to the soon to be out P.L.O. produced hip-hop instrumental ‘Sebangau’ named after the village that inspired it.

Mudmowth has been living in Indonesia and Borneo for the last year or so and is working on a forthcoming EP to stamp mark it. He sent back a sample pack of Indonesian folk music for a few select producers to get busy with.

P.L.O. is just putting the finishing touches to his offering for the EP.

The enchanting Sebangau has a raw energy and soul in both the place and the finished beat and we’re looking forward to putting the instrumental out there as well as looking forward to hearing what Mud does on it.

Original cover photography by Mudmowth
Colour treatment and design by Mayor