BTS shots from the ‘F*CKSPACE&LAZERS’ cover

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

These were just some of our personal faves with different vibes and charms from a shoot packed with so many winners.

Click the link below to see all the rest. Obviously it’s NSFW but god damn your boss would be proud if he/she caught you peepin’ because it’s so stone cold classy.

The 'on trend' tache

P.L.O. ‘F*ckSpace&Lazers’ is out now…

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

After much wait P.L.O.’s ‘F*ckSpace&Lazers’ single is finally here.


P is one of the most talented producers we’ve ever met let alone had the pleasure of working with. He’s been a corner stone of the label diligently working away behinds the scenes to fuel numerous other artist’s development via any number of his talents. And for those that know, they’ll tell you, he’s truly talented.

But never one to stay in the box, he’s been working on numerous projects of his own featuring some hip-hop power-houses that cover the entire spectrum of the music and everything else out there too. ‘F*ckSpace&Lazers’ represents his debut solo single. A rich and ever evolving head nod ride, it crescendos into a second movement sounding like Barry White for the new beat generation, meets Bladerunner. We suggest you find a good system, turn it up loud and sink into the blissful ride.

It’s available on iTunes worldwide now. UK iTunes // US iTunes // Aus iTunes

You can follow P.L.O. on Twitter @P_Leezy