Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Following on from last year’s successful showing of the incredible Tribe Called Quest documentary ,’Beats, Rhymes & Life’, Beatbox Fozzy will once again be helping kick off the Darkened Rooms showing of the hotly tipped ‘Gimme The Loot’ in style.

The ever popular Darkened Rooms are an organisation who combine classic and hand picked independent films, with showing them in innovative and themed locations. Tickets are £3.00 and the screening and performances kick off this Tuesday 21st January at 8pm in Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff.

So if you’re a lover of films – and hip-hop – this is one not to miss.

You can book tickets here


Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Beatbox Fozzy, met up with the 2013 World Vice Champion, France’s own Alem. If you know anything about beatboxing you’ll know these two are no joke. And as Alem was passing through our home territory it was only right Fozzy and the man got to jam together.

And the good news is We’ll have more coming on this…

Fozzy & Alem
Fozzy & Alem


Coming Soon Part 2 : Joe Jackson

Saturday, March 17th, 2012
Joe Jackson Cover

Cover design by Mayor


Sunday, September 18th, 2011

The new video for the title track taken from the collaborative EP we released with Eatgood Records which is available for free download over atThe Highball EP

Video was made by Huw Caddy & Mayor


Saturday, September 5th, 2009

As well as Oxjam dates in October for Mudmowth & Metabeats there will be dates at the Meze Festival for Mud & Meta as well as Beatbox Fozzy & Ruffstylz. The festival should be a first for Newport so keep your eyes open for more news as it approaches.

KYZA & DUBBLEDGE FLYER KYZA & DUBBLEDGE FLYER 2 Bethan Elfyn & Friends Presents Flyer Back


Monday, November 17th, 2008

We were recently invited by Huw Stephen’s of Radio 1 to get involved with his SWN Festival and co-host a night with Cardiff’s own D&B big bwoys Aperture. With a tasty lineup it was hard to say no.

Metabeats (Exclusive DJ Set)
Y Diwygiad
Beatbox Fozzy & Ruffstylz
Dan Marshall
Ransom & Magenta
High Contrast

We know we sound like a broken record on this one but once again Ruff and Fozzy proved they really have a world class stage show and tore the stage down hard. On the night Chipmunk got replaced by Baby J and friends and they proved to be good for it. Shouts to anyone who reached down for the night or any of the Swn events. Here’s to 2009.


Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
Ruff, Rhys Ifans & Fozzy backstage

We had a call from Kris Jenkins a week or so back asking if Fozzy and Ruff would come through and support his new band ‘The Peth’. Featuring Kris, a Super Furry Animal and hollywood big boy, Rhys Ifans, and a whole bunch of others it was kinda hard to say no. They are on some Welsh super group business. The gig was pretty bonkers and we smashed it. So here’s to more partying with ‘em in the future.


Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

^^^The AM live assault team at the Beeb. (L-R: standing – Mudmowth, Paul B; sitting – Ralph Rip Shit, Beatbox Fozzy).

^^^Fozzy in the studio.

^^^Fozzy again pre-show, with Beth doing her thing in the other studio.

^^^Ralph pre-show, just before demanding a giant bowl of M&M’s with all the brown one’s removed..!

^^^Ralph & Mud lettin’ rip on the live Radio 1 sesh…

^^^Ralph Performing ‘Pump This’ supporting Kool Keith.

^^^Kool Keith – shortly after picking up a xmas bargain in Argos.


Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Dizzee and Fozzy

After smashing the hell out of the Vauxhall tribes competition and claiming rites as the UK champion for 2007 our boy Fozzy headed out to perform with Dizzee Rascal as part of his UK tour at his show in Liverpool.

After smashing that he was invited to join him again at his homecoming final show back at the London Astoria. That turned out to be a hell of show with the finale being that after Fozzy helped end Dizzee’s show with a 10 min routine that built up into Fix Up Look Sharp – they presented Dizzee with his gold plaque for Maths & English. It was a sick night. Much love to everyone involved.


Sunday, July 15th, 2007
2 parts of one amazing live show

We hit the Beyond the Border festival last week for some international style vocal stylings. Ending up with Ruff and Fozzy taking to the stage with Taqralik Patridge, one of the few Inuit throat singers who gets out to an international stage. A spoken word artists as well, she’d just arrived direct from Canada and was off to Norway for more goodness the next night.

Then Saturday night rolled in and we hit Cambridge for a D&B rave alongside Mampi Swift, Mickey Finn, Skibadee & Zinc, The night was heavy and Fozz and Ruff brought more fire to the stage before the Scratch Perverts brought it down with a heavy headline set.


Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

After the major success of the January Tour you know we had to go back to the see the good people of the Emerald Isle and the luckily our favourite promoters wanted it to happen too. So we went back with Ruff and Fozzy as the headliners to try kill it again. Ralph & Mud did a little ten minute P.A. to set the shows off in the proper style and fashion and then Ruff and Fozzy straight muredered in a way like no others can match.

Their show is ridiculous and we say that with no bias. It’s next level original. And if you ain’t caught it you need to. Just can’t wait to go back now and hit up Dublin and see more of the beautiful country. Shouts to all the people who reached out and showed us love. And to all the Cork schoolgirls!?!

Ruff and Fozzy did an instore in Plug’d Records in Cork City. The theme was red.

^^^John Gough aka Gougho the Cranker aka Dope-As-Shit-Brekkie-Chef on the wheels of steel.

^^^ Ladies and gentlemen… introducing… New Ralph Ralph Shit.

^^^Mudmowth bowling around on stage.

^^^ Ralph rocking it.

^^^Mud taking well deserved ‘boy in the stush corner’ chill time after the gig.

Promoter Doobs showing us the colour of his Irish money. That was soon to become ours. But due to Ralph doing some seriously dodgy parking of the A.M. tour van in the centre of Cork it had been towed earlier the same day and so that money was soon to become Cork City Councils to bunk it back out the pound! Heck money comes and money goes. You got to keep your grizzly going.

^^^Crockett & Tubbs


Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

After heading up to for a gig @ the Galeri,? Caernarfon and? Fozzy taking out the speakers with his bass, we went and headed back to Mr. Phormula’s yard. This shot is from the next morning outside Phorm’s studio. This shit is literally in the middle of the sticks. Our North Walean brethren showed us a sick night on the vodka, ghost stories and a dope late night jam. Can’t wait to go back. Much love to Dull, and Nine Tonne as well. We need to link soon for sure.


Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Fozzy and DJ 2Tall get busy on the decks and beatbox for kids at the Raw Materials centre in Brixton.


Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Ruff, David J, Mic Assassin & Fozzy tearing it on the west bank of the Thames. Was a sick sick day and a wicked shoot. The full music video featuring a bunch of cameos from some of Ruff’s extended friends and fam is coming soon…

In the meantime – check the full cypher footage here…


Friday, May 4th, 2007
Fozzy live to 25k @ Donnington


Wednesday, April 18th, 2007


^^^DJ Paul B’s mixtape’s out now ft. exclusive AM tracks, along with a selection of only the finest hip-hop. Follow the link above to get it on the AM website.

^^^Back in the day pic with Ralph, Humurak & Mudmowth

^^^Beatbox Fozzy and fellow mouth music maestro (!) Wandan.

^^^Rockwell doin’ what Rockwell does best – drinkin’ cheap cans of Spar lager out of posh beer glasses.

^^^LL Cool Willo.

^^^Mudmowth & Fozzy chill the fuck out after rockin’ another heavy show.

^^^Dunno what’s playin’ in those headphones, but Blaktrix is fuckin’ lovin’ it..!

^^^Slug from Atmosphere rockin’ his favourite tee.

^^^Foreign Beggars, Dubbledge and Ruffstylz in the cypher.

^^^Benn Grymm and Barnie Rumble in the lab.

^^^The mighty Metabeats cookin’ up some marvelous shit in the lab.

^^^Ruffstylz and Willo Wispa hard at work in the old AMfamalab.

^^^Oh yeah, and did I mention Associated Minds hits Brighton on May 10th, with Stig & Syntax and Fozzy & Ruffstylz…plus some extra special guests.


Sunday, February 11th, 2007

We keep getting reminded that we haven’t been keeping people uptodate on our shit. Sorry people but life is busy as a busy beaver at A.M.H.Q. so things get missed. Once we get 5 this will all be covered properly When we get a minute the site is gonna get a revamp so hold tight for that but in the meantime… these are the headlines – We’ve just completed the successful ‘People, Poetry & Pussy’ Mini Tour of Ireland. (shouts to the legendary 2 Johns for that one – we can’t wait to come back!!!)

Willo Wispa & Ralph Rip Shit featured on the Feb Cover CD for HHC as the best up and comers in the country. Ralph also had a funny interview up in there so peep it whilst you can.

Paul B‘s brand new mixtape is here… SNEAKERFREAXXX – it’s dope. Run to the store to grab it.

Filming for Mudmowth this month for a half of a show on HTV dedicated to the beast that is Mud. Talking of Mud his press shots for his forthcoming 12″ and album are complete – prepare for the horror…

Beatbox Fozzy is going from strength to strength and has just finished putting together a radio advert for FAST CAR MAGAZINE. Fozzy is also due to perform at the International Beatbox Convention @ the Southbank Centre in London on March 20th – reach that if you can…

Ruffstylz, Mud and Ralph are also featured on the soon to come ‘Metaphysical’ CD from Metabeats that we are gonna help get out and about. What we’ve heard so far is flames. It features some of the heavyweights in the scene right now. Keep your eyes on the store for more updates on that one…

Fozzy and Ruffstylz just performed at Speaker Corner in Brixton and brought them the next level in how a beatboxer and emcee really can mix and blend to push things forward and display skills whilst bring it HARD.

Barnie Rumble headed off to Oz to let them know where it’s at. At the same time P.L.O. arrived back from the states – equipped with some serious equipment and intent to make his name as the best mix engineer in the U.K. Be warned…


Sunday, January 28th, 2007

Look we’re busy busy right now concentrating on the music and that’s why it’s taken us about 5 months to get these few pics from the January gigs to get up on here. We’ll say it loud, we’re slack and we’re proud.

Up close and personal with one of Britains best spitters.

The Legendary 2 Johns of Kerrynini fame. Rocking the roof off in Tralee.

Paul B racking up two fine cuppas in the best hotel we’ve been graced with to date while on tour. The George Boutique Hotel, Limerick get’s love.

Bizzle dropping the heavy… SHIT!


Thursday, October 19th, 2006

This coming Thursday 2nd of November, you’ll find the 7ft Sasquatch that is Ralph Rip Shit and his incredible beatbox buddy Fozzy showing off their chosen arts on ITV’s Freeride (an extreme sports program) at 12pm Midnight. To help promote Ralph’s 12″ the two were invited (along with Mayor) to do a little talk talky and let people now what’s going on. It was shot on top of the John Malkovich owned Big Sleep Hotel, Cardiff as well, so you should get a good overview on the city dependant on the editing!!! Tune in and enjoy…


Monday, April 17th, 2006

After slaying the Moneky Bar in Swansea last night we’re proud to announce some further dates in the ‘We Need More Dates…‘ Tour.

April 8th – Ralph Rip Shit, Mudmowth & Beatbox Fozzy @ Sonic Relief, Callaghans, Cardiff.
April 20th – Ruffstylz, Fozzy, Mud & Ralph @ ‘Extended Family’ Cargo, London
May 5th – P.L.O. special P.A @ Higher Learning, Cardiff.
June 1st – Ralph, Mud & Fozzy @ Speakers Corner, London.
July 6th – Ruffstylz & Beatbox Fozzy @ Speakers Corner, London.

We are currently talking to other promoters so check back soon for more updates. And if you’re a promoter whose intersted in getting an unparralled live show to come through, hit us up.


Sunday, April 9th, 2006

Ruff & Fozzy running...

The run of shows continues and damn we’re murderring it tooooo hard. Ruffstylz & Beatbox Fozzy now have a show that needs to be seen to be believed. It’s next level. I’m not just saying it – it’s truly like nothing else out there…?

Like wise Fozzy, Paul B, Ralph and Mudmowth are bringing more rowdy party style to stages relentlessly. Last night it was the turn of Sonic Relief in Cardiff to witness them bring it. Serious shouts to the crowd and the promoters for helping make it a good one.

Next gig is Cargo in London on the 20th of this month so make sure you make it out if you’re round those ways – ridculous live hip-hop don’t come around that often.


Thursday, January 5th, 2006

Well it’s the beginning of a new year and things are looking good for us and hopefully for you to!

Wanna hear what’s up with us all? Then check the fresh new interview with Beatbox Fozzy over on or keep your eyes peeled for some Ruffstylz and Breaknecks interviews coming in the new edition of HHC as well as a bunch of other places. Ruff was also lucky enough to grace the cover of the last edition of Undercover Magazine and get a damn fine review as well so pick up a copy and support the last of a great magazine. Here’s hoping they perform some phoenix flex and rise again…

Mud and Ralph were also up on XFm this Christmas Eve as part of DJ Moneyshot’s mix for the Rinse show. They did a special for Money and James Hyman over the ‘Bam Bam’ beat off The Breaknecks EP. If you missed it cry into your pillow – coz it was 1 in a million…

Anyway 2006 is gonna be big – releases from Paul B’s mixtape, Ralph’s ‘Best Name’ 12″, Lyrics Come with us on the ride people. It’ll be a pleasure to have you along…

Remember to Vote A.M.


Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

Say this word…FOZZY…learn this…he’s a beatbox legend in the making – he’s only 17 and has more talent in him than most get in a life time. He’s just started joining us at live shows and is absolutely killing it dead!!! Remember the damn name… There’s gonna be a lot more coming.

Aside from the gigs going down well – big up all those who’ve caught them – we are gonna be jumping back on the recording tip shortly – Ralph & Mud are not just hard at work on the solo tip but along with producer Sam Rockwell gonna be working on an EP together under the crew name of ‘Monsters Ink’. The shit should be heavy as elephant weights.

Plus Ruff is looking at closure on his ‘Lyrics’ CD shortly so beware the murmurs…it’s only the start of the beginning for him but people are gonna know.

Bizzle is also cracking on his Sneaka Freex mixtape that is gonna bring some heat to the street plus so Mud with a little extra lyrical side serving for those who can’t get enough on his Friendly Fire Mixtape!!!! Holla at the scholar for any further info people – – always happy to help!

Big up all HSG and Blak Twang for last Friday as well – heavy gig people – big up Brotherz Grimm for doing the whole thing and here’s to this Friday – come catch MUDMOWTH @ ABRI at the TOUCAN again as we hit the stage to party!!!