NEW MIX: Don Leisure’s ‘Metabeats : From the Vaults’

November 24th, 2013 / Mixes / Music / News / Photos
The Don Leisure Metabeats Mix

Metabeats ‘Darkhouse Fam’ brother is the badboy foodie and soul selecting, monster beat making, Don Leisure. Well that man there hooked up a journey through the deep deep vaults of Meta’s lesser heard beat heritage.

Asked about the mix he said “Just thought people should hear these beats as I knew Che wouldn’t do nish with them. Ha.” Going on to point out his favourite beat on here is the still dope ‘Gifted’. “(It) Was the 1st beat Che played me when we first hung out and a bunch of the other tracks are stuff that Che has kinda lost.”

Trust us, this mix, covers all the ages of Meta’s music making journeys with some of these rarely heard roughs and rares dating close to ten years old. It also comes fully upto date featuring some of Metabeats newer collaborations with Ed Boogie from his recent incredible ‘Caviar Crackle’ LP, some tracks released under other names and one or two yet to be released heatrocks also.

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November 15th, 2013 / Mixes / Music / News
Metabeats ft. Action Bronson 'Hookers' VIP RMX

If you missed it, Metabeats revisited his Hookers joint with Bronson and flipped it into a sleazy cocaine stained VIP RMX. And the good people over at Noisey premiered it this week.

The original is available on iTunes


November 9th, 2013 / News / Photos / Video

There’s something incredibly infectious about watching a person who loves their chosen art and craft, practise it in front of you. Well these two are ninjas. Ninjas that love what they do. And the result is that despite having literally just met by a pretty strange twist of fate, Fozzy’s basslines and groove combine with Alem’s incredible patterns and sharpness almost so naturally, that at times it almost looks rehearsed. Watch them at play…