December 29th, 2008 / Downloads / News / Video

Getting our Christmas fun on for the 08 – we had a kite in the mail from the head honcho in charge, Mister Kosyne, over at? – All the real heads will know about the beatmaking night they been running up in Birmingham and every year to celebrate the birth of some dude called Christopher they run the annual ‘Wrapped Up’ beatmaking experiment. It’s Scotland v England v Wales in a producers round-robin-drum-fest. ?

Once the Christmas themed vinyl had been exchanged via the royal mail men, P.L.O. and Metabeats got busy in the lab. Check out the vids for the scoop and then send love the way of Koysne, Kelakovski, S-Type and Jaisu for all the heaters they produced to keep you warm this festive season.?

Check these links as well to download the final versions of the beats from Metabeats & P.L.O. for your own pleasure





November 24th, 2008 / Merchandise / News / Photos

Mud Advert

Wise men say that good things come to those who wait. And it’s true with this one.

5 Tracks of beautiful hardcore hip-hop with guest features Ralph Rip Shit, Willo Wispa, and production from P.L.O., Sam Rockwell and Devize from Australia.

And it’s on snow white fresh white vinyl for all the collector heads out there that love their quality finish. We’re real proud of this one.

It’s available at your local record dealer or try our own store or iTunes


November 17th, 2008 / Gig news / Photos

We were recently invited by Huw Stephen’s of Radio 1 to get involved with his SWN Festival and co-host a night with Cardiff’s own D&B big bwoys Aperture. With a tasty lineup it was hard to say no.

Metabeats (Exclusive DJ Set)
Y Diwygiad
Beatbox Fozzy & Ruffstylz
Dan Marshall
Ransom & Magenta
High Contrast

We know we sound like a broken record on this one but once again Ruff and Fozzy proved they really have a world class stage show and tore the stage down hard. On the night Chipmunk got replaced by Baby J and friends and they proved to be good for it. Shouts to anyone who reached down for the night or any of the Swn events. Here’s to 2009.