The new Bumpcast from DJ Jaffa & Mayor

December 28th, 2013 / Mixes / Music / Photos

The seasons change. Autumn changes to Winter. Winter to Spring. But one thing stays constant through all this. Bumpcasts stay DOPE. Only the finest noggin rocking hand picked gems from across the hip-hop globe make the cut. And this is the latest offering from us to you and it’s dripping with goodness like it should be. Trust us, we’re hip-hop doctors and DJ Jaffa’s sliced up Mayor’s selection like a surgeon. Word to your medical practioners!

Featuring nuggets of gold from Action Bronson, Pusha T, Guilty Simpson & Small Pro, Ghostface, Quelle Chris, Trellion & Sniff, 14 KT, Kendrick Lamar, Metabeats, Blu and more.

Vanilla Pluto & Don Leisure @ City Surf Xmas Party

December 21st, 2013 / Gig news / Photos

These two turned it OUT last night. So good to see Cardiff’s music and skate communities coming together so naturally last night.
Shouts to our family Mr.Huwston Caddilac Johnson for hooking the event up.

Click to hear Don Leisure’s mix of unreleased gems from Metabeats’ beat vaults.


December 7th, 2013 / Mixes / Music / News / Photos

Edward Boogie, of this here parish, just stepped up to drop a 300 Second whirlwind tour of some sounds he’s conjured up for the good people over at Radio 1′s ‘Introducing’ show. Tight snippets of unheard power nuggests crossed with personal faves from his label brethren Jid Sames and Metabeats.

Intro Skit
Metabeats & Ed Boogie – Caviar Crackle Intro
Metabeats & Ed Boogie ft. Elucid – Run Up
P.L.O. (Ed Boogie) – FSpace&Lazers
Metabeats & Ed Boogie ft. Zeroh – ‘The Median’
Ed Boogie & Metabeats – Vera Wang Instrumental
Ed Boogie – Untitled
Jid Sames – Loverman (Original Mix)
Ed Boogie & Ruffstylz ft. Gift of Gab & Homeboy Sandman – Horserider
Metabeats ft. Dubbledge, Marv Won & Elucid – Fire
Ed Boogie – Epic