April 3rd, 2006 / News / Photos

Willo 2

Yep, yep one of the most ridculous emcees you’ll ever hear Willo Wispa? from The Colony (Sir Smurf Lil’, Conspicuous The Coroner & Grimlok) ? has been in the studio this weekend getting his grind on. And we’re happy as pigs in high quality sh!t to announce his ‘Wot’s Willo On!?!’ album? is gonna be going out on A.M. and believe us when we say this dude is the mutts nuts.

Shouts to? Conspicuous? for helping it all happen. Willo’s also laced a track for Mudmowth’s forthcoming ‘Circus In The Cemetery’ 12″? so go check for that when it lands.

Oh and hit up www.myspace.com/willowispa to hear some freebies and exclusives. And all you myspace gangstas go make Willo a top 8 mate innit!!!

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