Ruffstylz in the Neon Neon play ‘Praxis Makes Perfect’

May 2nd, 2013 / Gig news / News / Photos

The new album from Neon Neon (Gruff Rhys & Boom Bip, ‘Praxis Makes Perfect’, had it’s accompanying play open this week and nearly sell out instantly.

A collaboration between the National Theatre Wales and the Lex Records’ signed Neon Neon, the play was created, along with playwright Tim Price and director Wils Wilson, to support the concept album of the same name.

The show will be touring the rest of the country at select spots shortly, but the initial run of shows in a ‘secret location’ in Cardiff have nearly all sold out. So if you want to catch the play and Ruff getting his ‘thespian’ on, you’d better jump on it triple quick.