June 19th, 2013 / Music / News / Photos
Ruffstylz  004

We’re pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Ruffstylz’s new single, ‘Prison to Paradise’.

As label co-founder and an emcee with a reputation built off his commitment to unadulterated lyricism and constantly evolving flows, the new track amounts to a slight change in tone from his previous work. “For a long time it’s been building up in me to write a track that represents my undying passion to get people inspired about the biggest things we can think about and go for in life. I’ve never been prepared to settle for limits and if I’ve got anything to do with it, no one else will either. I’m here to kill that. I’ve always had strong opinions about society but I’ve never rammed it down peoples’ throats in my music ’cause I think I know the right time and place for when and how to bring a message.”

Increasingly involved in movements to bring about change, Ruff’s efforts have brought him into contact with lots of new people including other artists with similar view points. “I’ve recently been hugely inspired by The Zeitgeist Movement and after I had a conversation with Rou from Enter Shikari I was moved to write it. Finally the track came out how it should have and in a better format than what I originally had planned.”

Ruffstylz still wants to put that Ruffstylz stamp on it though, so ‘Prison to Paradise’ has not solely been approached like a traditional message track. “Whenever it’s time to get more serious I still wanna rip it like I’m spitting it. … I put a lot of thought into the structure and everything.”

‘Prison to Paradise’ will be available for download on Ruffstylz Bandcamp page from Monday 1st July onward.

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