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Blaktrix - Some People Never Go Crazy

We’re happy to say the new LP from Blaktrix ‘Some People Never Go Crazy’ has finally landed.

A co-release between ourselves and the Skreemer Records imprint, the LP is a trip into the mind of one of the country’s more complex rhyming craftsmen. Trix’s smoked out vocal and dense rhyming style have helped see his previous releases all garner serious critical acclaim. And this latest LP is already following that same path.

Having worked with British legends like Lewis Parker, Junior Disprol, Stagga, Rola, and this LP featuring the talents of such as Rider Shafique and Ralph Rip Shit, Blaktrix says with this project he set out to make something a little different to “the average incestuous, typical UK hip-hop.”

Clash Magazine described him as “possessing the sort of 40-a-day flow using mental illness as a superpower.” and Buzz have also just followed that up by describing it as “refreshing and inspiring”

The LP is available for listen and purchase now over at the A.M. Store

Cover design and original artwork by Rmer of Cruel Vapors.

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