May 26th, 2012 / Music / News / Photos

Back when underground hip-hop in this country used to drop authentic on vinyl pressings we first heard of an emcee spinning wigs out with his 12″ on Main Rock Records alongside Skeptic and producer Mr.Dark.

His track 40 Bricks was a true certified classic of it’s time. Jid painted a picture on this one. We all became a fans of his and his main producer Sash Bash. Well it’s years on and we went back to find him to help complete our label of artists who all one of a kinds. Our attempt at our Avengers super team. For more of the story click below…

For years Ralph Rip Sh!t has constantly sung Jid’s praise saying he is the one artist criminally slept on because of his choices to do hip-hop music his way. For years Mayor and Ralph have toyed with the idea of reaching out to him but the situation was never right. Ralph had even linked Jid and recorded a track ‘SuperSoakers’ that never made it out. More recently Ralph on his music making rounds heard a rumour that Jid had kept working with Sash Bash and a few other producers and had something close to an LP ready to go.

So a few calls and emails later we managed to get hold of Jid and run some proposals by him. He has a lot of great music to share. Some old tracks that never really got the attention deserved. And some new gems from a style that has developed into something truly different to what’s out there too. Him and Sash Bash and few others have created some magic. We’re straight up fans of his. We not too cool to be scared to admit that. And we reckon you will be too when he lands. Get ready for Jidney.