Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014
Bumpcast 14 - DJ Killer Tom & Mayor

We’re back bumpin’ fists with the god bodies and packing one of the most track heavy hip-hop mixes that we’ve dropped in a while. Taking that extra step to mine the full breadth and depth of the good and the great from wherever we find them – to bring you the latest Bumpcast 14.

Featuring De La, Atmosphere, Monch, Schoolboy Q, Bronson, Fatmina, Jon Wayne, Darkhouse Fam, Lee Scott, Exquire, Nas, Open Mike Eagle, Jaylib, Confuscious MC, Mo Ruf, Mos Def, Metabeats, Mo Kolours, Roots Manuva, Slymoove, Black Thought, I Am Many, Jams F Kennedy, Kendrick, Cru, Marq Spekt & Blockhead and a whole heap more.

Click below to enjoy…

NEW MIX: Bumpcast #13 – DJ Jaffa & Mayor

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

SOUND THE HORNS. We’re back at it with another Bumpcast mix of neck exercisers all mixed at the hands of the living legend DJ Jaffa. It’s headnod honey comb. Dripping with sweet goodness from across the US & UK with the likes of Curren$y, Curly Castro, Jay Electronica, Step Brothers, Jonwayne, Sonnyjim, Booda French & J57, D.T.M.D., Homeboy Sandman, Mo Kolours, Denmark Vessey and a whole load more.

This time we’re coming at it with a little more laid back attitude than the usual. So kick back in the sun, break out the BBQ and turn it up.

Original cover photo by our good friend, Rouleur No.1.


Thursday, February 13th, 2014

After Metabeats & Ed Boogie’s ‘Caviar Crackle Intro’ appeared on the the new M.S.G. Skate Edit from our homie Huw Caddy, it was only right that we finally got a collaboration going with the good people over at City Surf to make ‘The M.S.G. Mix’ special. And the result we’re proud of.

This is for all our tin foil hat wearing, triangle idolising, kick pushing friends who love what this music has to offer right now. Packed with Jay, 50, Tame Impala, Flying Lotus, Pusha T, Trellion & Sniff, Quelle, Bronson, NK, Kanye, Vanilla Pluto, Run the Jewels, Dave Sitek, Jon Wayne, Metabeats, Black Milk and a whole heap MORE.

The new Bumpcast from DJ Jaffa & Mayor

Saturday, December 28th, 2013

The seasons change. Autumn changes to Winter. Winter to Spring. But one thing stays constant through all this. Bumpcasts stay DOPE. Only the finest noggin rocking hand picked gems from across the hip-hop globe make the cut. And this is the latest offering from us to you and it’s dripping with goodness like it should be. Trust us, we’re hip-hop doctors and DJ Jaffa’s sliced up Mayor’s selection like a surgeon. Word to your medical practioners!

Featuring nuggets of gold from Action Bronson, Pusha T, Guilty Simpson & Small Pro, Ghostface, Quelle Chris, Trellion & Sniff, 14 KT, Kendrick Lamar, Metabeats, Blu and more.


Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Edward Boogie, of this here parish, just stepped up to drop a 300 Second whirlwind tour of some sounds he’s conjured up for the good people over at Radio 1′s ‘Introducing’ show. Tight snippets of unheard power nuggests crossed with personal faves from his label brethren Jid Sames and Metabeats.

Intro Skit
Metabeats & Ed Boogie – Caviar Crackle Intro
Metabeats & Ed Boogie ft. Elucid – Run Up
P.L.O. (Ed Boogie) – FSpace&Lazers
Metabeats & Ed Boogie ft. Zeroh – ‘The Median’
Ed Boogie & Metabeats – Vera Wang Instrumental
Ed Boogie – Untitled
Jid Sames – Loverman (Original Mix)
Ed Boogie & Ruffstylz ft. Gift of Gab & Homeboy Sandman – Horserider
Metabeats ft. Dubbledge, Marv Won & Elucid – Fire
Ed Boogie – Epic

NEW MIX: Don Leisure’s ‘Metabeats : From the Vaults’

Sunday, November 24th, 2013
The Don Leisure Metabeats Mix

Metabeats ‘Darkhouse Fam’ brother is the badboy foodie and soul selecting, monster beat making, Don Leisure. Well that man there hooked up a journey through the deep deep vaults of Meta’s lesser heard beat heritage.

Asked about the mix he said “Just thought people should hear these beats as I knew Che wouldn’t do nish with them. Ha.” Going on to point out his favourite beat on here is the still dope ‘Gifted’. “(It) Was the 1st beat Che played me when we first hung out and a bunch of the other tracks are stuff that Che has kinda lost.”

Trust us, this mix, covers all the ages of Meta’s music making journeys with some of these rarely heard roughs and rares dating close to ten years old. It also comes fully upto date featuring some of Metabeats newer collaborations with Ed Boogie from his recent incredible ‘Caviar Crackle’ LP, some tracks released under other names and one or two yet to be released heatrocks also.

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Friday, November 15th, 2013
Metabeats ft. Action Bronson 'Hookers' VIP RMX

If you missed it, Metabeats revisited his Hookers joint with Bronson and flipped it into a sleazy cocaine stained VIP RMX. And the good people over at Noisey premiered it this week.

The original is available on iTunes


Saturday, October 19th, 2013

DJ Jaffa & Mayor are back with maybe the finest slab of pure un-cut hip-hop we’ve brought you to date.

Right now in hip-hop there is some magic in the air. Or maybe it’s the chem trails!?! If it’s not that they musta put something in the water supply, coz you can taste it. People are wiggin’ out the right way. That passion for rhyming like a style don is back in people’s plans. Nestled on top of some of these new schools of production. It’s a perfect marriage. Hip-hop is in rude rude health. Filthy in fact. So we sprinkled those main servings with a few classics and surf’s up! Come ride that wave of goodness with us. Grab some headphones and a surfboard and you’re good to go.

And if you like what you hear on here, help spread the word. Go preach the gospel. Shout it from the rooftops. Bump it to your peoples. Indoctrinate the uninformed. Force feed your circle. There is some incredible hip-hop out right now. Everyone needs it in their life.

No(w) Futur 5 MIX on

Thursday, September 26th, 2013
Now Futur

The new No(w) Futur mix from DJ SimSima & Mass is exclusively up on the OkayPlayer website now. Just like everyone in their series it features a ridiculously good selection of hip-hop and we’re nut bustingly happy that Metabeats & Ed Boogie are featured up on there with two tracks taken from the ‘Caviar Crackle’ LP.


Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Metabeats treated the Jen & Ally ‘Introducing’ show on Radio 1 this Sunday evening with an exclusive mix as part of their ’300 Seconds’ series. Featuring a run of heavy hitting snippets from his Darkhouse Fam moves with Don Leisure and an early sneak peak at some new music from Moon Unit (Ralph Rip Shit & Lou Hekla) as well as a couple of choice cuts from his new award nominated album ‘Caviar Crackle’. Check it out below…

NEW MIX: Bumpcast #10 – DJ Killer Tom & Mayor

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013
Bumpcast #10 Mix Cover

We’re back super quick time with another insanely dope hip-hop mix from one of the Bumpcast residents and power lifting monsters, DJ Killer Tom. And along with Mayor’s selections, mined from across the full spectrum of goodness that’s out there it’s guaranteed to satisfy.

We’re going wide roaming… from Jay Z into Qwel into Telemachus & Jehst. And with Joey Bada$$ truly catching the ghost on 95′Til Infinity and the UK’s Strange U taking it to tripped out rawness and even pulls out some vintage P-Casso, Von Pea & Homeboy Sandman. This one is laced with gems for the ultra heads out there.

Let your neighbours know that good hip-hop is meant to be played loud.

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NEW MIX: Bumpcast #9 – The Last Skeptik

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

We’ve got our homeskillet and presidential candidate The Last Skeptik on deck for the latest instalment in our high grade, handpicked, hip-hop mix series ‘The Bumpcast’. Damn that’s a lot of H’s.

With some goodness from the under and over. Some from your yesterdays. And hopefully some new one for your tomorrows it’s packed with the likes of Pusha T, Roc Marciano, Case Arnold, CJ Fly, De La, Mos Def, Greg Grease, Quelle Chris, Drake and even a few from Skeptik himself.

The Last Skeptik’s LP ‘Thanks For Trying’ is out now on BBE Records. If you like what you hear… COP IT HERE.

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Thursday, July 4th, 2013

We managed to get our hands on the live audio of the incredible set that the legendary DJ Jaffa played at the Metabeats ‘Caviar Crackle Block Party’ this weekend. It was an incredible day of bubbling with friends and family to celebrate the release of Meta’s second LP and all the DJ’s on the day were dropping gem upon gem of good music. This hour long set is one of those ones that truly keeps it moving across an absolute tonne of classics and finely mined new tracks. One of the nicest mixes we’ve heard in a minute. Definitely one for the music heads out there

You can cop the acclaimed LP from Metabeats over on iTunes
Or if you prefer it on CD, via

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Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Have a listen to the latest ‘Bumpcast’ mix from DJ Jaffa & Mayor, featuring Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson & Alchemist, Karriem Riggins, Wrecking Crew, Quelle Chris, Elucid, Jid Sames, Insane Macbeth & Ruffstylz and a whole lot more…


Saturday, May 11th, 2013

This is straight up the nicest mix of hip-hop we’ve heard in a while. The Parisian based DJ Simsima & Mr. Mass are NO(w) FUTUR and their mix series features a real fresh selection of some of the latest hip-hop music out. To our ears it’s part of the new movement to return, partly, to what we all fell in love with hip-hop for in the first place. That rawness. But with that sprinkle of new style and edge. And RHYMING. It’s the return of the new boom bap. We feel it.

It’s been getting support up on Okay Player and features some of the finest stylist out, from Homeboy Sandman, Smoke Dza, Nottz Raw, Joey Bada$$, Bishop Lamont and Blu to new schoolers like our own Ralph Rip Shit & A.H.Fly with ‘Floater’.

We down for the FUTUR.

NEW PODCAST: The Bumpcast #7 – DJ Killer Tom

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Jammed packed with the finest hand selected hip-hop out, the ‘Bumpcast series continues on with Killer Tom back in the driving seat. Featuring a handful of tunes from the criminally slept on album from The Quakers as well as a few from Gangrene, Guilty Simpson, Dubbledge and Roots Manuva and a whole lot more. Trust us, this one is nice. The artwork continues on the theme laid down by the F*ckSpace&Lazers cover, as we return with the work of photographer and friend Alex Mills, combined with the beautiful badass that is Masubi.

You can listen at by clicking here and follow DJ Killer Tom on Twitter here. In the meanwhile turn it up and let it bump out.