Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Here’s the new video promo from the first all day Summer Jam we threw back on the 12th of July with our friends from Bakery, City Surf and Spit & Sawdust skate park.

As a rule we tend to stay away from mixing political concerns with music too much. But we were recently invited by our new friends at Bakery to help them throw a fundraiser for a pretty unique kind of charity.

And it a hard one to say no to. Offering kids, living in what is undeniably a war zone, a positive outlet and welcome distraction from the hardships of daily life there. And escape is all what we all need is it not? Those moments of simple fun and pleasure that make life worth living. So we said HELL YES. And the result was a great day from start to finish. So big love to all who came down to have a good time.

We’ve had it on a promise that the actual skate edit from the day shot by the Bakery boys will be out pretty shortly too. So all the skate heads should keep an eye for that one. We’ll probably have it up on here so check back.

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Sunday, March 2nd, 2014
Curly Castro - Brody EP

The new EP from our overseas brother, lead Wrecking Crew member, and future sound griot, Curly Castro has landed. And we’re amped to be able to give you an upfront hearing of it from him. The EP is produced entirely by his Wrecking Crew co-pilot and fellow script writer, Zilla Rocca, so you already know it has a strong pedigree from the get go.

The EP stays nothing but forward sounding but still bumping (‘David Rodigan’ being a personal pick) and features a high grade list of some of those on the cutting edge of hip-hop rhyming right now with the vocal talents of Elucid (Cult Favorite/Armand Hammer), Billy Woods (Backwoodz Studios/Armand Hammer), Castle (Mello Music Group), Hubbs (Git Beats), and the indomitable Wrecking Crew (Zilla Rocca & Has-Lo). “This EP is not lacking for powerful writing.”

Grab your copy below. And whilst you’re at it, we’d suggest you go look up all the Wrecking Crew’s projects. Both their solo music and the group projects. There is gold in them there hills…

NEW: Vanilla Pluto finally lands amongst us…

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

We like to keep good company and we’re blessed to be able to say our extended family holds many talented artists. Now from that circle Vanilla Pluto has landed with his new ‘Pyramid CF63′ beat tape which is full of some truly spaced out dope sandwiches.