Willo Wispa

“The most original bre in the market.”

Bored of rap? Believe there’s no-one who can put a smile on your face from the character whilst leaving your jaw dropped at an inimitable flow that most technical emcees would kill for? Then give Willo Wispa’s music a listen.

Starting off his musical career as one 4th of London’s ‘The Colony’ alongside YNR’s Sir Smurf Lil, Conspicuous and Grimlok, Willo was quickly picked up as one to watch by those in the know. Exclusives freestyles for 1Xtra’s hip-hop show and 12 inches gaining ‘Single of the Month’ in Hip-Hop Connection magazine lead to him becoming a favourite with his fellow artists, journalists, DJ’s and fans alike.

With ‘The Colony’ on musical hiatus and Willo a free agent, as long term fans AssociatedMinds leapt on the opportunity to work with and release Willo’s solo material. “The fit was just natural.” says Mayor “Willo represents exactly what this label stands for – ability and individuality and we’re instantly both on the same page creatively.” Since that point on he’s been tied up in the studio working with producers like Metabeats, P.L.O., Sam Rockwell, Kidkanevil and more to bring together his forthcoming LP ‘Wot’s Willo On!?!’ that is set to bring forth a new level of originality for emceeing in the UK.