He built his reputation slaying cipher circles in London with a jagged and developed style that can truly rate amongst the most original and skilled lyricists in the world.

There’s also the small matter of the world record he set for the Longest Freestyle Rap at 10 hours and 34 minutes long. And after supporting quality names such as Prince Paul, Taskforce and Rahzel, he’s now gone out on road alongside Beatbox Fozzy with their insane vocal only live show. With two mics only they’ve torn stages all over. If you hear their show is coming to town, be there. It’s like nothing else out. At every turn is a curve ball and skill carnival.

Underground giants Prince Po (Organised Konfusion) and El-P have also shown love, listing him as a collosal wordsmith from these shores.

Famed for his acappellas that can almost religiously silence a room and verses that redefine what lyricsims about, the man has developed his style more singularly than most. He is a beast with words. He is high priest to skill and focus. He is an emcee’s emcee. He’s a wurly curly roller coaster ride.

Etch this in your brain. His name is Ruffstylz.