Ralph Rip Shit

Ralph Rip Shit. Left home, moved to 1978, and began playing with words.

During the same period he also became known in his home city for his very unusual street performances which were often executed in public and also witnessed by invited guests in the know.  These radical public performances were upsetting and disturbing and were meant to provoke thought, self-reflection and consciousness. A theme running through none of his raps theses days.

Since his early performance art days Ralph has continued to create very conceptual pieces of work. Finding a unique voice in a swell of mediocrity has always been a motivating factor.

Ralph has performed all over the world. From the backpack havens in London to the jazz taverns in Kathmandhu, Ralph has continued to develop a more interesting live show.

For many years Ralph has been known and highly respected in hi-fi and music recording circles and is considered by many professionals in the field as having world-class knowledge and experience. He has been published many times by specialty magazines focused on high fidelity designs and equipment as well as music recording techniques and equipment. His collection of vintage hi-fi and recording gear as well as musical instruments is amongst the largest and most refined in the world. Ralph is also a fanatic record collector, owning over 35,000 vinyl LP’s.

Ralph has no agent, manager, assistant or intern and he makes his albums without producers, and with extremely scaled down studios.  He has self distributed his music and is directly involved in his musics sales for distribution.

Ralph is one of the most misunderstood, misquoted, misrepresented talents in the past 25 years.