Armed with passion, wit, determination and an addictive flow, Mudmowth has been making his name for some time. He’s got something about him that listeners just like. His first release, Just To Get The Name Known, made him land with a bang and it’s this that has won him relentless praise from press and radio across the world.

He cut his teeth in battles, proving he’s a rhino set to run through anything he puts in front of himself. He loves the process of making a good rap track. He keeps alive a love for freestyle. So what more could you want from an emcee? The way he switches topic from serious to light-hearted gets done with the weight of a solid dude who knows how much to give people before overloading them.

The ‘Circus In The Cemetery’ five-track 12″ attained even more widespread acclaim and consistent radio play, featuring the likes of labelmates Ralph Rip Shit, Willo Wispa, P.L.O. and Sam Rockwell, as well as Australian producer Devize. It showcased quality control and a range of directions while at the same time staying in his own style. And now the Metabeats & Mudmowth collaboration album Sledgehammer Kisses has taken those diverse elements and raised them up to a new level of musicality, reaping worldwide airplay and praise with hip-hop music that sticks to its guns and fattens out a back catalogue to be proud of.